Christmas and New Years Greetings

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Christmas and New Years Greetings

By: John A. Baden, Ph.D.
Posted on December 16, 2014 FREE Insights

Christmas and New Years Greetings

We believe Christmas is an excellent time to remember friends and count blessings. We also plan FREE's new years projects during this holiday season. Our work in 2015 will continue to advance constructive thinking on responsible liberty, modest prosperity, and ecology.  These autumn and winter photos suggest FREE's focus; agricultural and wildlands, water and wildlife, and spectacular unspoiled vistas.  

These are among America's lands of romance, places worth preserving. This is best done with institutions that foster responsible liberty, modest prosperity, and ecology.  Environmental and social entrepreneurship are key elements of success in achieving this goal. Creative people find complements among oft competing goals.

All of these photos were taken on our ranch. Many of FREE's gatherings include visits here. This is a place to see a pleasing amalgam of liberty and ecology.  Modest prosperity fosters both. Ramona and I rejoice in these blessings.

We welcome you to share FREE’s intellectual and physical adventures. Some may be vicarious. You might be transferred here via reading and seeing pictures like these. Other lucky people may be here participating in salons, fly-fishing, and other outdoor activities. Either way, appreciate America, the world’s most successful big experiment in liberty, prosperity, and ecology. Let’s resolve to foster these values in 2015 and years beyond.

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